Japanese Geisha House?

Ichiriki Chaya

Ichiriki-tei (一力亭, Ichiriki Mansion)) is one of the most famous and historic ochaya (geisha “tea house”) in Kyoto, Japan. It is located at the southeast corner of Shijō Dori and Hanami Koji, with its entrance on Hanami Koji (Hanami Koji is in the heart of the Gion Kobu district). It is considered an exclusive and high-end establishment; access is invitation only and entertainment can cost upwards of 800,000 yen a night.

Services are as usual at ochaya – maiko and geiko are hired from a geisha house (okiya) to provide entertainment, consisting of conversation, flirtation, pouring drinks, traditional games, singing, musical instruments, and dancing. The Ichiriki does not prepare food, but customers can order catering a la carte, which is delivered to the house. Guests can also be shown around the house, and see various decorations, such as a miniature display of the forty-seven ronin, from circa 1850


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