Body Treatment

Organic Body Scrub (40 min. $100)

A gentle exfoliating organic scrub eliminates dead skin cells and followed by a body cream to sooth, leaving skin soft, polished and smooth.

  • Jasmine Body Salt Scrub with Essential Oil
  • Coconut Body Salt Scrub with Essential Oil
  • Coffee Body Salt Scrub with Essential Oil
  • Rose Body Salt Scrub with Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Body Salt Scrub with Essential Oil
  • Eucalyptus Body Salt Scrub with Essential Oil

Organic Body Wrap (40 min. $100)

  • Slimming Body Wrap is designed to deal with body areas where fluids excess, unsightly fatty deposits and tissues slackening. The body wrap is formulated to eliminate the ‘orange peel’ aspect of the skin due to excess fatty deposits and favor suppleness and elasticity to tissues while improving the skin texture and softness to its surface and slimming effect using the active ingredients in Cocoa and Guarana, which provide a realistic, proven solution to the problem of cellulite.
  • Purifying & Detoxifying Body Wrap uses a synergy between Algae and the clay that have complementary properties. When combined, their exfoliating, smoothing and absorbent powers are more effective. The skin is cleansed and purified and the dead cells and impurities are removed. It can therefore respire better and be nourished with the seawater nutrients that the seaweeds provide. Lastly, the skin becomes more supple and soft.