Massage Therapy

All our massage therapists are certified or licensed. Also, each member of our team has been expertly trained to ensure proper delivery and safety for our customers.

Soothing Massage

(Swedish/Shiatsu combination)

Relaxation. Rejuvenating. Restorative. This personalized massage service combines Swedish and Shiatsu techniques to help balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Signature Massage

(Swedish/Shiatsu/Trigger-point/Aroma combination)

Renew. Restore. Revive. Relieves Stress and Muscle Tension. Our Stress-Relieving massage includes our organic essential oils to balance, strengthen, and polish the skin and therapeutic heated towels to relax the muscles. Stimulates Lymphatic and Circulatory System. Increases Well Being.

Treatment Positions (Option for Signature Massage)

  • Traditional Japanese Floor Massage
  • Standard Table Massage